World’s Best Destinations for Casino Lovers

So, you’ve been bitten by the casino and gambling bug? It can be a risky pursuit, but also extremely fulfilling as long you gamble responsibly and only bet an amount you can afford to lose. Which are the world’s best gambling hot spots for those wanting to test their luck? Here are some of the hottest casino destinations.

Las Vegas, Nevada

On a lighter note, Vegas’ air is made of coins and confetti. People either get married in Sin City or come to enjoy a tryst with lady luck. From eternally clinking slot machines to glitzy shows to over the top luxury resorts, there is no stopping casino buffs in Vegas.

Macau, China

If you’re looking for an Asian gambling hotspot, look no further than Macau. The wealthy region has both tourists and gambling firms from all across the world making a beeline for it. Surprisingly, Macau’s gambling tables have more money flowing through it than any other gambling destination on Earth.

San Jose, Costa Rica

Costa Rica’s capital city features over 30 casinos, and that’s just one of the reasons for gambling enthusiasts to head there. The exchange rate for Americans and Europeans makes it a good value proposition if you are looking for the maximum bang for your buck. Plus, the lure of living in a tropical destination is unbeatable!

Monte Carlo, Monaco

One of Europe’s wealthiest spots, Monte Carlo is famous for its glitzy and high stake casinos, some of which date back to the early 19th century (think Casino de Monte Carlo). Swish and stylish rubs shoulders with power-packed gambling on high stake tables.

Atlantic City, New Jersey

Atlantic City has been specially built to cater to the gambling industry and attracts tourists for its myriad of neon-lit casinos and world-class entertainment gaming choices. While the region is grappling with recession, it still remains one of the America’s most sought-after gambling destinations.

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